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As member of:

Juristic and/or natural persons wishing to be a Regular or Associate Member shall submit their application to the Registrar as appointed by the Secretary General in the printed form prescribed by CAMFFA.

Following documents should be enclosed with this application form:

  1. Company Registration Certificate (MoC)
  2. Yearly Patent Tax Certificate
  3. VAT Certificate
  4. Yearly Freight Forwarders Liability Insurance Certificate including Errors and Omissions coverage (if available).


  1. Documents pertaining to membership applications must be signed by authorized persons and stamped on every page with company seal.
  2. For expedient approval, please check your documentation thoroughly before submission.

If you wish to apply for CAMFFA member, please download application from or contact to CAMFFA secretariat by email directly to secretary@camffa.org.kh

Consideration of Membership Application:

The Registrar as appointed by the Secretary General and assisted by CAMFFA Secretary, shall present immediately the membership applications to Board of Directors' and conduct necessary survey of application as instructed.

After the Board of Directors has voted for admitting or not admitting any person (juristic or natural)into membership, The Registrar as appointed by the Secretary General and assisted by CAMFFA Secretary shall send a notice to the Applicant within seven (7) days from the date of voting.

For membership to be valid, it must be approved by the votes of three-fourths of the total number of Directors.

The applicant must wait for the Board of Directors to consider his/her application but this waiting period shall not exceed one month from application submission

Effective Date of Membership

Membership is effective from the date on which a Member has paid the initial membership fee and the annual membership fee to CAMFFA.