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AFFA stands for Asean Freight Forwarder Association

AFFA was formed with the following objectives :
  1. to unify all freight forwarders in the ASEAN region through national forwarders' associations.
  2. to foster, promote, develop and maintain close cooperation between and among freight forwarders in the ASEAN region.
  3. to represent members in their collective interests in relation to freight forwarding matters peculiar to the ASEAN region.
  4. to purpose all measures to improve the quality, standard and professionalism of freight forwarders in the ASEAN regions as well as to match with the Decade program.

AFFA first inaugural meeting was held on 7 December, 1991 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia The Federation of Malaysian Forwarders Associations (FMFF) was elected Protem Chairman of the grouping.

CAMFFA attended AFFA first meeting as an observer in 2004

CAMFFA became official AFFA member in 2005 (to be checked and confirmed)

CAMFFA hosted AFFA 18th AGM meeting (17 and 18 October, 2008) at the Cambodiana Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

CAMFFA is very active in AFFA and was elected as office bearers during following mandates 2011-2012