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Since 2000 the founding members have been preparing the documents for the establishment of Cambodia Freight Forwarders Association (CAMFFA) and submission to the government.

CAMFFA was officially established and recognized by the Cambodian Government on March 24th, 2004. In 2012, CAMFFA has 39 members, a mix of international companies and Cambodian companies.

The economy of Cambodia is rising fast since several years and in this context of growth, import and export have taken a huge importance. As a result, the freight forwarding industry becomes crucial.CAMFFA aim at strengthening Cambodia Freight Forwarding Industry.

To achieve this CAMFFA represent the interests of our members in the national and international context while at the same time providing our members a variety of relevant services to enhance service levels and assist in solving trade obstacles for members.

However CAMFFA’s member’s biggest constraint on the further development of multimodal transport and adoption of logistics solutions is the limited number of trained personnel available to the industry. Accordingly CAMFFA training program has been developed to deepen the understanding of the principles of logistics with the objective of enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing the value of services.This program is extended yearly.